Solwe® Warranty

NOTE: SOLWE is proud of its customer service! Still, the SOLWE manufacturer's warranty can only be claimed directly from SOLWE by customers who have purchased the product directly from SOLWE. Otherwise the customer has to contact the shop or vendor where he bought it.

SOLWE products have a two-year warranty beginning with the date of purchase. The products have to be handled carefully, as damage due to accidental breaking of e.g. the glass pieces is not covered by the warranty. SOLWE only assumes responsibility for the usage as described in the operating instructions. Components subject to natural wear and tear (e.g. filters) or improper operation are excluded from the warranty.

If a customer feels entitled to claim his warranty rights, he has to send an e-mail to providing his customer information and the date of purchase and describing the damage and under which circumstances it occurred. In order to accelerate the procedure it will be very helpful to attach a picture of the damage to the e-mail. The SOLWE Team will attend the request immediately and make sure to solve the issue as fast as possible.