Right of Withdrawal

Due to the impersonal nature of online and e-commerce purchasing, the law grants the customer a right of withdrawal. The customer has the right to cancel his declaration of contract without stating a reason within 14 days after having received the product in written form.

How to use the right of withdrawal

The customer doesn't have to state any reason in order to make use of his right of withdrawal, but it is important that he can prove that SOLWE has received his notification of withdrawal. Therefore it's convenient that on one hand he sends an e-mail to sales@solwe.com stating his intention to return the product making use of his right of withdrawal and on the other hand additionally communicates  his decision by one of the two means of communication mentioned hereafter which allow to prove its reception:

1) Fax with sending report to SOLWE's head office in Spain to fax nr.  (+34)-958-278449

2) Registered mail to SOLWE's head office in Spain:

Daniel Werner - SOLWE
C/ Darwin 16
18100 Armilla, Granada

The notification of withdrawal has to include the business information of SOLWE, the customer's details, the reference number of the order and of the corresponding invoice, the date and the signature of the buyer.

What are the consequences of the cancellation?

In the event of an effective cancellation the mutually provided goods and services shall be returned. In case the customer cannot return or surrender the received goods and services as well as benefits enjoyed (e.g. benefits from usage) in total or in part or only in deteriorated condition, he'll have to, if applicable, provide compensation insofar. For the deterioration of the goods or for benefits enjoyed this only applies insofar as the use or the deterioration of the goods is due to a handling of the goods which exceeds the testing of the properties and the functionality. “Testing of the properties and functionality” means examining and trying out the goods as it is possible and usual to do for instance in a retail shop. The customer has to bear the ordinary costs of return if the goods received are in conformity with those ordered, and if the price of the goods returned does not exceed an amount of 40 Euros.

Once SOLWE has received the notification of withdrawal and the returned product it has to refund the corresponding payments within 30 days.